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Valentines Bows




a few bows

Bows modeled by my red headed sweetie! The only one with Hair to really hold it!



Saturday, October 17, 2009

4 specialty bows I made

Remember it is the holidays are coming up and if you would like to give a great gift order some bows, I can have them sent for you, they come on a card matching the holiday and look great!

Keep me in mind for holiday gifts and new babies!

Alligator Clips 67-71






Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prices, Prices, Prices and information!

Thanks for visiting the site. So far I hope it is clear, but just to be sure I wanted to clarify about the prices. I have two different kinds of clips.. Barrettes that are larger and for children with more hair and alligator clips which are smaller and for children with less hair that is fine. Alligator clips are more popular for the younger children because they stay in fine and thick hair! All the styles you see can be made on either an alligator clip or a Barrette, the only difference is it will be more expensive on a Barrette because it tends to be larger, so more ribbon is used. If you see colors you like, I can customize anything.

Prices for Alligator clips are:
Solid Colors using just 1 ribbon color are $3
Patterned ribbon just 1 ribbon $4
2 ribbon colors $4
3 Ribbon colors $5

Prices for Barrettes are:
2 ribbon colors- $5
3 ribbon colors- $6

For example this bow would be $3 because it is an alligator clip solid color:

This bow would be $4, it is an alligator clip 2 colors:

This bow would be $5, it is an alligator clip 3 colors:

This bow would be $5, b/c it is a Barrette 2 colors:

This bow would be $6, b/c it is a Barrette with 3 colors:

So to customize your order, pick your clip choice and style and email me @ susiebowmaker@gmail.com. Be sure to specify which style number and if you want it to be on a different clip then indicated in the picture let me know! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009